About Us

We are a small AKC registered breeder in Denver Colorado. We fell in love with poodle and wanted to start a small in home breeding.

Our goal is not to simply raise and care for AKC purebred puppies, but to raise them to the highest standard! Every single puppy starts training since day 3. We do it for the betterment of the breed, health, and temperament. Each individual puppy gets the special care and love that they deserve. We provide: trained, healthy, well socialized puppies fully equipped to come to your beautiful family. We are a small home breeder and we like it that way because it insures that we have the time for our pups. Our standards has given us the opportunity to produce puppies for therapy, emotional support and simply loving family pets.

We go by the golden rule to treat people and pets the way we would like to be treated. That is why we strive to produce quality, smart, stable temperament, health, beautiful puppies. From our home to yours. 


All of our Poodles get Health and Genetic testing done. We are registered at AKC for purebred red Standard Poodles .